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"I came to Salance based on a recommendation originally for a very painful and debilitating neck injury from body surfing 7 years ago. I was surprised at how I was able to make a complete recovery. I came back recently for my left shoulder which I had been suffering with on and off for years. It was inflamed and no amount of stretching and rest got it back to normal. Let me just say that my shoulder is no longer in pain and my general pain from day to day has gone away. Dr. Payne has diagnosed me and helped me recover from a severe neck/shoulder injury and a rib that was out of place. I saw so much improvement after the first adjustment! The staff is very warm and professional. The office is welcoming and relaxing. Chiropractic really helps and makes you feel new again!"- Mark Y.

"Dr. Payne and her staff are super friendly and efficient. The treatments and techniques used are not painful and really help. Dr. Payne is a believer in treating from a holistic approach and she frequently invites guest speakers to her clinic to address health concerns and solutions. The overall atmosphere is fun and inviting. I often recommend Salance Chiropractic to my friends and most of my family members are clients!"- Jennifer E.

"Dr. Payne keeps my neck, shoulders, and my whole body in alignment. I truly feel that the adjustments that I have done regularly plus massage therapy keep me healthy and out of pain. I am a dental hygienist and as hard as I try to maintain ergonomics while I am working to clean my patients teeth, it is a difficult thing to attain in my line of work. I love Dr. Payne's knowledge and approach to chiropractic treatment. She is the best!"-Carla W.

"When I first started seeing Dr. Payne, I had severe back pain. I was suffering from extreme fatigue and due to MS, I thought that was just my life. I thought maybe this will help a little. I underestimated what relief from pain can do for MS fatigue! Dr. Payne is my angel! I feel so much better. Sometimes, I think I don't need to see her again. But, those monthly tweaks keep me upright, pain free and the MS fatigue is manageable. Ana always has a smile as I enter the door. Dr. Payne always remembers to ask about my grandson, that tells me she cares. Five Stars!"-Gigi B.

If you are looking for individualized, compassionate chiropractic care in a cozy and fun family atmosphere, then Salance Chiropractic is for you. You can be assured that your treatment will not be rushed! All new patients receive 45 minutes to 1 hour of examination and consultation, and every treatment with the doctor thereafter is up to 15 minutes long. We also have virtual video/telehealth consultations to meet your wellness needs! We examine the spine in great detail through spinal scanning, muscle testing, movement screenings, and postural assessment, as well as aligning and evaluating all extremities!

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