Kids Self Discovery Camp 2020

Self Discovery Camp for Kids

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👉👉Hey parents!! Stop right there. I want to talk to you about YOUR KIDS for a moment.

💕It’s clear that many of you are scared, stressed and worried not only for yourself as a parent, but you are also worried about the mentality of your children through all of this—and understandably so.

💕“My kids and I will just have to deal with this upcoming school year the best way we can.” I have heard most parents say that they have given up and accepted this way of thinking for this VERY uncertain school year.

💕You know, there will be different learning dynamics that your child will have to navigate and endure this year. It will be a lot of pressure for them.
**How are you going to prepare and support their minds so that they won’t be out-of-sync and overwhelmed for this school year?

I want to help you make an impact in your child’s life RIGHT NOW by teaching them how to build healthy, daily habits to get them through these unpredictable times.

🌟Let me ask you a question. 🌟🌟If I could teach your child the tools and strategies to excude confidence, self-determination, self-motivation, and resilience so that they can step into their inner greatness, would you want them to learn how?

I am ready to help you change your worries and help your children blossom into their confident, beautiful selves that they are destined to be!

I would like to introduce you to my new program for Summer 2020: "DR. PAYNE’S SELF-DISCOVERY CAMP FOR KIDS!" This program is a 5-day virtual camp to EMPOWER your kids for the upcoming school year (and for a lifetime for that matter)!

In this on-line self-discovery camp, your children will begin to DISCOVER how to:

✅Believe in themselves
✅Recognize negative and positive self-talk
✅Celebrate mistakes and struggles
✅Identify the two types of mindsets
✅Use the “YET” principle
✅Honor their emotions
✅Implement mindfulness and meditation

They will also DISCOVER HOW THE BRAIN WORKS when it comes to learning and adapting to their environment.🤯

By signing up, you will also receive a STEP-BY-STEP WORKBOOK that you can complete with your child as you go through this program together.

Parents, don’t panic! 🤜🤜Let’s execute THIS PLAN OF ACTION together!
Inner well-being is one of our greatest assets, so let’s partner in teaching our kids NOW how valuable it is no matter the circumstances.

Join me for my 5-day online camp during August 10-14th, 2020. This camp is for kids ages 8-13 years of age.

I encourage you to enroll your child today so that they can begin their journey of self-discovery!
Enrollment starts now. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit Fortress Youth Development Center of Fort Worth.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Payne
Certified REBT Growth Mindset and Confidence Coach
Creator of the Mindfulness Wellness Movement

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