Muscle Release Technique

The Muscle Release Technique is a unique injury therapy that combines compression, extension, movement, and breath to give the therapist a tool to provide, in many cases, relief from pain in one treatment. With the Muscle Release Technique scar tissue is broken up, the muscle is lengthened, muscle memory is restored and relief from pain starts immediately.

There seems to be a 'mind set', a trained way of looking at any injury, that can be very self limiting. There is an attitude, when looking at some injuries, that it's just impossible. I believe, with all my heart, that the answer for millions of chronic pain sufferers, rests in the knowledgeable and capable hands of massage therapists in this country.

That is the reason I say the Muscle Release Technique is MORE THAN MASSAGE! It is the answer to get people out of pain.

All massage therapists and physical therapists know that when there is an injury to the muscle, scar tissue is the result. Scar tissue will keep the muscle inflexible, thus the muscle length is shortened. After a period of time, the muscle memory is lost and the chance of re-injury is increased. Nerve impingement is almost always associated with this condition, resulting in PAIN! Cross fiber work and/or deep tissue massage will only give the client temporary relief.

With the Muscle Release Technique, the client is placed in particular positions so that the muscle begins to stretch in a very specific direction of plane. Then pressure is applied directly into the focal point of the affected tissue. The combination of a specific extension, precise pinpoint compression, and an exact plane of movement, while working with the breath, can produce an immediate RELEASE! The scar tissue is broken up and the muscle length is restored. The results--no more pain for the client!

With the Muscle Release Technique, instead of using strength, one uses body positioning and weight. The Muscle Release Technique is a tool to help therapists. No longer do therapists need to feel inadequate when a client or a friend comes to them in chronic or acute pain.

The main reason for the success of the Muscle Release Technique, is that it is a way of treating the injury, and the resilient adhesions and scar tissue. When the Muscle Release Technique is used regularly, it not only prevents injuries, it helps to achieve a speedy recovery.

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