Scar Release Technique

MPS-Scars Release

Visibly soften the scar tissue
• Reduce the appearance of the scar
• Stimulate lymph drainage
• Release tight muscles/spasm associated with the scar
• Promote skeletal symmetry by releasing the fascia
• Reduce patients overall pain level in body by 60-80% in 1 session (pain even unrelated to the actual scar!)

Treating scars with MPS-SRT: The Dolphin Method can positively impact many areas of health, including the cosmetic appearance of a scar.

There is hope for the suffering patient! MPS-SRT is the FIRST real treatment for changes in scar tissue & appearance. It is safe, effective, and changes can occur with the first application. For more information on this treatment, go to

What is a Scar?

A scar is what is formed during the body’s healing process after an injury or surgery. The body demonstrates a profound knowledge of healing. The wound repair is a biological process in which the body lays down new layers of collagen to repair the wound.

There are common traits that accompany a scar. The scar tissue becomes hard and non-pliable compared to the normal tissue surrounding it. Cross fibers are laid during the healing process to close and strengthen the injured area. The skin around or under the repair site tightens or shortens due to this fascial strengthening

Why is the c-section scar so powerful?

The reason I believe that it makes such a significant impact on the body is that the c-section scar is on the “Core” of the body. The scar is usually transverse and often large. The implications from this are vast. This transverse scar disconnects the energy from the top & bottom of the body by the blockage that causes an imbalance in circulation.

Abdominal scars wreak havoc on the body because it is the geographic & reproductive core/center of the body, and the Fear Reflex is housed in a muscle that is deep within the region. The adhesions under the scar are the culprit for postural & structural changes in the body and organ dysfunction. This core of the body is actually where our life essence is housed. Our umbilicus actually gave us our life and opposite to that is the innervation of the kidneys, which is our life essence.

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