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We Offer X-ray Imaging On-site!

Why X-rays?: X-rays are often taken on most patients to give the doctor an inside look at what is going on with the bone structure of the entire spine and surrounding skeletal structure. From this x-ray, the doctor can tell your current spine angles as well as any potential further issues including the potential for additional information such as an MRI.

X-rays Prior to your First Visit: We currently offer x-ray imaging on-site. After examination, you may be required to take a full spine postural x-ray study (if none have been taken in the last year) or only imaging of the main area of complaint.

In our office, we currently use a mobile x-ray unit. There are many benefits to using this type of x-ray machine versus the traditional, fixed x-ray unit. Some of the benefits are:

  • Mobility: X-rays can be performed in the clinic. In the event that you are unable to leave your home we do offer in-home imaging as well for your convenience. In this case, you can also have x-rays taken before your appointment in our office. This way, the doctor can review them before your initial or follow-up appointment.
  • Efficiency: One of the major benefits of mobile x-ray is the ability to receive your results immediately. The doctor will have your digital pictures in half the time it would take with a traditional x-ray unit.
  • Less Radiation: There is lower radiation dosage to the patient without reducing image quality of the x-rays
  • X-ray Reports: Not only does our provider read all images, but we also have partenered with a radiologists to read all images and provide reports as well.